This playful design begins with scarlet roses, ranunculus, plush carnations, hand painted botanicals, and a sprinkle of baby's breath. Blooms are artfully composed in a handsome keepsake vase that will compliment any home decor.


This design has a size option!

  • Medium - 5" Little Haven vase. This size is pictured.
  • Large - Your arrangement will be delivered in our 7" Haven vase, exploding with even more premium blooms like ranunculus and roses! This option is sure to please.


$70.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
    • Display your blooms in a cool, draft-free area. Avoid direct sunlight or heating vents.
    • Change the water periodically and re-cut stems. 
    • Enjoy!

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We do our best to deliver when specified, please call us if it is particularly time sensitive. Optional and first come first served

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